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July 24, 2008


m i c h e l l e

GIRL!!! You have your bracelet together already?! How much do you rock!?! It's SO gorgeous...and I just love your martini charm!!!! He he he...


It looks FABULOUS!!!!!
We must swap again sometime!

fated follies

this is so pretty! i wish i would have done this one. you got some pretty pretties!


I couldn't wait to open up my package either. It was a fun swap. Thanks for playing.

Maija Lepore

It beautiful! I'm all about stopping for the mail- hubby is so used to it!

andrea~ vintagebellastudio

so pretty! I put all my charms on mine too!!!this was really fun and everyones charms were so pretty!

SEO Los Angeles

My oh my this day is getting better and better. With these on your wrist your day would be complete.

Digital Camera Lenses

This is one fine looking bracelets with nice little things attach to it.

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