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January 05, 2011



Wait - you have a son old enough to get married? No way!! By the way, I am LOVING the "majesty" necklace I bought from you. It really suits me :)


julie haymaker Thompson

YES my dear it has been a rough journey for you !!


I came over to wish you a Happy New year and saw my gorgeous necklace!!
I hope that 2011 is leaps and bounds better for you Nat! May the new year bring much peace, health and seizing of the day!
xox natalea

Cheryl stoneham

Your son is getting married? Congrats! I'm sorry to hear you've been down....sending hugs to you. Looking forward to spending time with you in march at moulin rouge!!

Teresa McFayden

Oh so many great things look to be in store for the new year for you!! So exciting Natalie! Sending you big hugs!


You have been a busy girl! Such an inspiration. I know 2011 will be wonderful for you. The necklace in the photo is amazing! Your son is getting married? Wow! Have a Happy New Year, sweet Natalie! xoxox


that piece is gorgeous!!!!! Here's to a wonderful 2011 for everyone :)

Sheila Correia

Hi! I just found you and wanted to let you know your creations are absolutely beautiful. I love soldering and always like to connect with others with similar interests. So nice to connect and I'll definitely be back to visit. Regards, Sheila


We will have so much fun at Moulin Rouge it will blow any thoughts of depression away!

See you then.


Hi, Natalie! You just won a prize on my blog. Please send me your address and I'll pop the rhinestones in the mail to you. How about some nice, flashy Moulin Rouge colored ones?


Jenny Morgan

Hi Natalie!
Congrats on winning Soul Restoration over at Gilded's blog!! I'm so happy for so deserve this!! Looking forward to seeing you later this week!

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