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My thoughts and prayers are with you along this journey. Cancer changes you that is for sure and I don't know if you ever go back to "normal" in the way you once knew it.
I myself have never had cancer but I walked the journey with my mom. She never went through the reconstruction process and I watched her struggle with her self image. It made me sad because not only was she a pretty lady from her physical appearance but she was a pretty lady on the inside too. I wished that she could have seen herself in that way.
My wish for you is that you don't let this situation get you down for too long. Do what you need to do to get yourself feeling better and enjoy your life!
Cancer or not, life is simply too short not to enjoy it. Plus, I saw the circle of friends you had around you at Silver Bella and you obviously have a big circle of girlfriends that love you and support you - not to mention your family.
I hope you find strength, grace, peace and happiness.

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